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My custom fork of the Hyprdots project

Page Last Updated: 1/13/24

Screenshot of Hyprland Desktop

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The problem:

As many in the linux community know, Wayland is “the future” of displaying content to linux desktops. However, my desktop environment at the time (KDE Plasma) does not have the best compatibility with wayland.

Here are a couple of visuals that represent what I was dealing with, just to show a few examples:

Cursed cursor Cursed Dolphin

Many applications would also break within KDE wayland, and the taskbar (probably one of the more important parts of the desktop for me) would freeze every 10-30 minutes, where I would have to run a hotkey to refresh the desktop.

The solution:

Enter GNOME.

nah just kidding…

Enter Hyprland.

Nothing against GNOME, I have just used it so many times + I don’t like GDM. GNOME is a viable Wayland prioritized option.

Hyprland is a tiling window manager that is only supported in Wayland. I’ve worked in tiling window managers before, but this would be the first time I gave it a proper shot in a while.


My BSPWM rice from a while back

Eager to start learning more on how Hyprland works, I wanted to have an easier time getting into it (to save time because of school). I decided to fork the hyprdots project and make some changes to the default configuration to make it more familiar to me. I have included common wayland fixed, scripts, idle support, some new custom themes, keybinds, and more.

The new themes include:

  • Sunrise-Dark
  • WhiteSur
  • WhiteSur-Dark

Example of theme

My custom WhiteSur-Dark theme.

I have also contributed straight to the Hyprdots project, adding modifications to the Spotify widget and functionality to make it more usable (Fun fact, this is the first public open source project I have directly contributed towards).

Spotify Widget

Feel free to visit the repository here. The original project is also linked in the repository.